Approximate numbers of people butchered and maimed by Islamic assholes by year.
(by Jan 24 2015)
2015: 3,133/ 1,366

2014: 26,557 / 25,694
2013: 13,988 / 26,443
2012: 11,267 / 17,084
2011: 9,015 / 16,917
2010: 9,021 / 19,255
2009: 6,851/ 13,160
2008: 10,773 / 18,086
2007: 20,134 / 26,351
2006: 15,269 / 19,540
2005: 7,680 / 12,865
2004: 7,210 / 14,632

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Injuries : 0



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January 31, 2015

» The Ghosts of Auschwitz in the Muslim World

“You 360 million Mohammedans to whom I have had a strong inner connection since the days of my association with your Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,” Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Holocaust wrote. “You, who have a greater truth in the surahs of your Koran, I call upon you to pass judgment on me.”

Eichmann knew he could expect a good verdict from a religion whose prophet had ordered the ethnic cleansing of Jews and which believes the end will

    “not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. When a Jew hides behind a rock or a tree, it will say, ‘O Muslim, O servant of Allah! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!’”

There was Eichmann’s Hadith Holocaust with even the rocks and trees finding Jews for the Islamic SS.

» Can Israel Survive?

Israel’s stronger allies have often come to the defense of its democratic principles and pointed out that the world applies an unfair standard to Israel, largely out of envy of its success, anti-Semitism, fear of terrorism, and fondness of oil exporters.

» Speaking Of Trying To Overthrow Democratically Elected Governments

We saw it just this week when the leftist lunatics of Code Pink tried to disrupt a congressional hearing, screaming for 91-year-old former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s arrest for overthrowing the democratic government of Chile in 1973, a claim not supported by facts on any front.
It underlines how long the left has been dining out on phony claims about the U.S. overthrowing “democratic” governments, all of which happened to be communist tyrannies and enemies of the U.S.
But there seems to be something new going on with the Obama administration: the electoral overthrow of America’s allies whose politics don’t match his own.

Obama went well beyond sending his political operatives to influence elections in an anti-American direction, as he did in Canada and Australia. This time he used an organization that receives taxpayer cash from the U.S. Department of State to use democracy itself to oust an ally whose politics do not match his own.
That goes so beyond the pale of longstanding U.S. policy it presses the limits of legality.

» U.S. Helping Adversaries That Set The World On Fire

From Iran to Afghanistan to Russia to Cuba and beyond, President Obama helps governments and entities that are America’s adversaries. To “end wars,” he invites new aggression.

The stereo-typical anti-war leftist dumbasses. I’m not sure if they actually believe what they say – that wars will end when America stops. It’s hard to imagine anyone with enough intelligence to get out of bed without a map could really think that all our enemies will lay down their arms and sing kumbaya with us if only we just stop fighting.
Wars end when one side is beaten to the point of not being able to continue – regardless of whether the other side did the beating or the beating was self inflicted.

… when a commander in chief puts our nation’s weapons aside, enemies reach for their guns.
The best argument against this John & Yoko foreign policy of “war is over if you want it” is to list the locales where it’s fueled war and boosted grave future threats.

When it becomes sufficiently apparent that the biggest kid on the block is a pussy, the second biggest kid will rule.

» President Gumball

…the 44th President continues to deliberately erode American military might. He has purged experienced combat generals and admirals from the military; reduced salary increases for troops; issued pink slips for servicemen and women; and cancelled worthy weapons systems such as the F-22, making us less able to compete with China’s emerging ballistic and cruise missile systems.

the “$489 billion cut to defense budgets engineered by Barack Obama [in 2013] won’t just mean less American military power. These cuts have significant consequences for America’s allies as well.”
… “the fate of the F-35 program is as good an indicator of the depth and breadth of Barack Obama’s retreat from U.S. military preeminence. If more international partners on the project start bailing [from] . . . their F-35 plans, the pace of American and allied decline, will accelerate.”

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Lefty Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Steam Cleans Her Privates
» In Wake of Illegal Alien Invasion, Measles Spreads


» The Ninnies of America

In the world of the ninnies, “American Sniper” cannot be praised. Chris Kyle is a monster because he ruthlessly fought for his country. Were Kyle a Russian against the Nazis or a Chinese Communist against Chiang Kai-shek doing the exact same thing, the ninnies would demand “American Sniper” get an Oscar. But Chris Kyle is Southern, white, Christian, and a bad ass. He is therefore all that the ninnies are not, has probably never even heard of cis-gender nonsense, and is not ashamed to fly the American flag.
… the ninnies convinced of their superiority want you to know they are more awesome and even more a hero than Chris Kyle because they stood up for the right of a nutter to pick their own gender. All Chris Kyle did was kill real bad guys and help real good guys.

» American Sniper Critics vs. Manliness

It is not surprising that the Left is hysterically outraged with their panties in a knot over the success of American Sniper. These creeps are driven by their blame-America-first anti-testosterone sissified politically correct mindsets.
Securely embedded as professors in our institutions of higher learning are feminized men who believe any aggression or show of power is always evil. They are responsible for producing the likes of Barrack Obama. Thus, Obama selected old anti-America peacenik John Kerry as his Secretary of State.

Mark Geist and his team, Chris Kyle, Charles Durning and all the rough men and women of our military make it possible for wimps like Michael Moore, Seth Rogen, Howard Dean, Senator Dick Durbin, John Kerry and all others who trash our military to enjoy freedom, extraordinary success and spout their crap in English. These men, emasculated by liberalism, are free to pontificate about the evils of war because other real men fought, some making the ultimate sacrifice on their behalf.

» China Syndrome Liberalism

… what’s so hilarious about the attack on Marx as just another marcher in the long parade of the pale-penis people. For generations, liberals saw things primarily through an economic lens. And from that perspective, Marx wasn’t part of the problem bequeathed to us by the DWEMs (Dead White European Males); he was part of the solution. But now that race and gender trump economics, he’s being reassigned to the same dustbin of history along with Plato and Shakespeare.
It’s amazing. We spent a century trying to explain to the Left why Marx was wrong. It just never occurred to us to try “He’s a white guy!” It should have been obvious. It’s like we spent hours trying to hack their computer and then suddenly someone suggests trying “password” as the password — and voila.

    Away with your biology textbooks and medical definitions! If I feel like a woman, that is what I am. Your facts are useless against me! You may think you’re marshaling superior arguments, but all I hear is mansplaining! I don’t care that you’re descended from dirt-poor serfs who came to this country long after slavery ended, you’re white and that’s all I need to know! You must atone! And any claims to the contrary are just efforts to reinforce your privilege! Heed my trigger warnings or face my wrath!

» Democrats’ opposition to Keystone Pipeline is hard to fathom

Durbin and the Democrats who voted to kill this jobs bill should know a lot about part-time work because those are the kind of infrastructure jobs they created in Obama’s failed $800 billion economic stimulus program. When the road and bridge work was done, the jobs ended and the jobless rate remained at recession levels.

In fact, part-time or temporary work has been a largely hidden part of the administration’s monthly job numbers. The lower unemployment rate gets the headlines, not the fact that many of these “jobs” are actually part-time.

You could search high and low for any complaints about this from Durbin and other Democratic leaders, and not find a discouraging word uttered by any of them.

Despite the glowing economic figures Obama recited in his State the Union address last week, he left out a lot of bad numbers that are getting worse.

I firmly believe that any economic uptick of late is due to lower fuel prices, of late. The current lower price of fuel is not a result of any government action but in spite of it. The left has done and said everything they could to flat-out stop any domestic energy production.
During the last decade uncountable conservatives have preached that increased oil/gas production was key to lower prices and economic revival. At the same time, leftists have denounced that idea as wishful thinking while systematically destroying or crippling as much of U.S. energy production industry as was possible.
Now that oil prices are bottoming due to massive production, these same leftists are saying “who could have predicted that?”

» Insanity Reigns

Just when gasoline prices were getting reasonable, Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama strikes: “The Obama administration will propose setting aside more than 12 million acres in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, the White House announced Sunday, halting any chance of oil exploration for now in the refuge’s much-fought-over coastal plain[.] The announcement, according to individuals briefed on the plan, is just the first in a series of decisions the Interior Department will make in the coming week that will affect the state’s oil and gas production.”


» The Army has deleted a tweet …

… posted Thursday afternoon referring to “chinks” in the armor of its Special Operations capabilities after receiving numerous accusations of racism.

The tweet read: “Chinks in special ops’ digital and physical armor poses challenges, experts say.”

And could be misinterpreted only by racist-first, racist-always, racist-minded leftist assholes.

January 29, 2015

» Everytown’s “Hiding In Plain Sight” Report Falsified Claims, May Spur Lawsuit

Put bluntly, Everytown’s report not only only drew false conclusions not supported by the data they’d acquired, but at least some of the the data itself is demonstrably false.

Mr. Richards is in contact with legal counsel to investigation whether or not Everytown may be the target of a civil suit for falsely asserting that Crossfire Arms violates federal laws that require him to conduct background checks with every gun sold through his business.

Everytown has amassed a stunning track record of subterfuge in the brief time that the Bloomberg-backed organization has been around.

» Federal Bill Would Make Owning Body Armor a Crime Punishable by 10 Years in Prison

Democratic members of Congress apparently aren’t going to be satisfied until American citizens are completely and utterly defenseless.

Choke on It
» Millions to owe Obamacare tax penalty

As millions of Americans sit down in coming weeks to compile their tax returns, they’ll have to contend with Obamacare’s health insurance mandate for the first time.

» Just in Case You Did not Know, You Were Lied to About Executive Amnesty

In the least surprising development in all of human history, February is now around the corner, and Boehner and McConnell are folding like cheap suits.

this is exactly what Boehner and McConnell wanted all along. They wanted Obama to take the heat with the conservative base for a policy that they actually support. So they are mounting at every step of the way what has been obviously fake and token opposition to Obama’s plan. And at the end of the day they are going to throw up their hands and say “Aw, shucks, nothing we could have done here, Obama held all the cards!”

» Finally Someone on the Left Gets It: It’s Not “Violent Extremism,” It’s Radical Islam

You cannot defeat an enemy that you refuse to name.

It’s not “nihilistic,” which ironically means, “Rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless.” Radical Islamic terrorists are exactly the opposite. Theirs is an unyielding, dogmatic adherence to a particular interpretation of the Islamic religion where there meaning in life is to kill the infidel and bring about an Islamic state here on earth.

» Iran and Hezbollah Grabbing M-1 Tanks Abandoned in Iraq by Obama

The question isn’t: what could possibly go wrong electing a Marxist community organizer with no experience in the real world to the most powerful office in the world?

No. The question is: what could possibly go right?

» Obama, Netanyahu And Congress: The Real Inside Story Raises Further Questions
No excerpt could do justice. Please, just go read it.
And then wonder why so much of your lead is still sitting atop brass.

» Muslim pressure turns art gallery into ‘no-go zone’ for religious freedom

After a few days of celebrating freedom of speech after the slaughter at the Charlie Hebdo offices by Islamist murderers, Parisians once again bow to political correctness and the culture of diversity that first got them in the fix they’re in.
We can dunk a plastic Jesus into a mason jar filled with urine and call it art, but it’s somehow blasphemous to place a pair of high-heeled shoes on an Muslim prayer rug.

It’s considered disrespectful to step on a Muslim prayer rug while wearing shoes, The Telegraph reported.

Oh, you shouldna told me that.

» Shameless: Harry Reid now demanding amendment votes he blocked for years

The man’s an established liar, a bizarre obsessive, a remorseless slanderer — but you already knew that. He’s also, unsurprisingly, an exquisite hack. Ever since voters demoted Prince Harry in November, his views on various Senate protocols and precedents have undergone a remarkable and dramatic evolution. He who grinningly nuked filibuster rules in 2013 has suddenly mustered strange new respect for the practice

… For the full duration of calendar year 2014, Harry Reid permitted precisely 15 amendment votes* on all legislation taken up by the United States Senate. Total.

In case you’d forgotten, this lengthy debate is over a piece of bipartisan legislation that requires the federal government to do nothing other than get out of the way of a privately-funded, job-creating infrastructure project that’s been “studied” for six years, is environmentally sound, has the strong backing of a close ally, and is overwhelmingly supported by the American people. That is what Democrats are currently delaying, and what President Pragmatism has vowed to veto. No wonder people hate this town.


… directs DMV investigators to overlook identity theft by applicants “who may have attempted to obtain or been issued a license or ID card previously through submission of false information.”
… document informs DMV investigative officers that past identity theft is acceptable when the illegally-acquired IDs were only used to obtain a driver license, and where the license or ID was not used to commit any other crime.

The policy seems to expect applicants to admit voluntarily to using a fraudulent driver license or ID for purposes other than driving a motor vehicle, if they did so.

a naturalized or natural born U.S. citizen who attempted to obtain a driver license fraudulently would not receive the same consideration, and would be prosecuted as a criminal.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Facebook Caves To Followers Of Mohammed, Will Block Pages “Insulting Islam”…
» Racial Violence Against Foreigners in Africa
» TV Ads Are Laced With Toxic Moonbattery
» Sharia Law in Texas
» Democrat Senator’s Photoshopped Anti-Oil Tweet Backfires
» Planned Parenthood President: We’re Proud We Killed 327,000 Babies Last Year


» The Temperature at Which Global Warming Freezes

The scientist does not see Global Warming in a blizzard.

The Warmist does. To see Global Warming while walking through a blizzard, is itself an act of faith.

Digging out of a snowstorm and their own lies, Global Warming advocates claim that colder winters are actually another effect of global warming. Which may be renamed to Global Temperatures We Don’t Like.

Environmentalists demonize human industry and accomplishment as evil because they worship nature. Humanity spoils the unspoiled natural environment. It kills the mosquitoes, destroys malaria and turns lovely swamps into ugly parks full of hideous children enjoying themselves.

Global Warming is an ideological weapon by the environmentalists against human civilization. It is part of a broader anti-civilization agenda by the left, which values the natural world only because it sees it as a “primitive” antidote to the complexities of civilization.

~~ Via

» Antifracking Money Trail Leads to Russian Oil Industry

Don’t be too hard on the Russians and Arabs for trying to keep their profits up by keeping our production down. Even their greed is a cleaner motivation than the sheer moonbattery of Damon and the Sierra Club.

» How Much Is That Psychology Degree Worth?

Other than engineers, economists and quarterbacks, no one acquires any marketable knowledge at college. The sole purpose of a degree is to function as a substitute IQ test. If employers were allowed to give applicants 15-minute intelligence tests, they’d have the exact same information as knowing what college a person attended

Republicans need to force colleges to issue reports, just like drug companies, attesting to the average cost, and the average salary, for every degree. It will cost you $160,000 to receive a degree in Spanish literature and will take you 88 years to pay that back.

» The Nation mag: Single-earner households are cheating the government out of tax revenue

From The Nation:

    …single-earner households are getting a bonus another way: the labor a mother or father performs in the home caring for a kid or wiping down a counter is unpaid and therefore goes untaxed. When two parents work outside the home and pay someone to watch their children, both those incomes are taxed.

That has got to be the most idiotic group of words to ever form a paragraph. This ins’t progressivism or liberalism as they were once defined. Quite the opposite. This is totalitarianism. This line of reasoning (for lack of a better word) is based on the notion that the government owns you and you must work for it. You are not your own. You and the things you steward belong to the government.

Well done, South Carolina, Well done.

January 27, 2015

» Why Firearms Makers Are So Worried Even as The Second Amendment Is Stronger than Ever

The Obama administration, and the ATF in particular, are “pushing the envelope and testing the boundaries to see how far they can go.”

the gun-control battle is moving from the national political level, where the Second Amendment has rarely looked healthier, to the international, national administrative, and state and local levels. In other words, the challenges are becoming more diffuse and harder to combat — or even, in the case of administrative restrictions, to follow.

gun-control supporters aren’t merely relying on fooling people with new language. From import bans to action through the Centers for Disease Control, the Obama administration, with the aid of that presidential pen that he loves so much, is doing what it can, where it can. Operation Choke Point, which targets gun sellers — among others — by attacking their ability to keep a bank account open, has achieved a certain level of notoriety, but other moves are farther under the radar, especially for a public that is more concerned with developments that affect individual consumers (and thus raise Second Amendment concerns) than with ones that affect the firearms industry.

ATF issued a new ruling (ATF Rul. 2015–1) that redefines what it means to be a manufacturer of firearms

» FBI Confirms That While Gun Sales Are Up, Violent Crime Is Down

Various anti-gun groups claiming that the increased acceptance of firearms in American society is lead to more violent crime and gun accidents.

Both the number of gun owners and the number of total firearms in the United States every day is theoretically meeting new all-time highs each and every day.

There are those who hype fear to sell gun control, and then there are those who look at the hard data and come to the inescapable conclusion that firearms ownership reduces crime.

The science is settled.

» CBO: Deficits To Explode As Obama Leaves Office

According to the CBO, in 2017 the federal government will be spending $384 billion a year on Medicaid, almost double what it spent before Obama became president. Spending on Obamacare’s insurance exchanges is also set to rise from $15 billion in 2014 to $93 billion in 2017.

» Congressional GOP Seeks to Achieve Success Through Cowardice

We’re about two minutes into the new Congress and already the tactics of GOP leadership are clear: keep their heads down. Avoid any controversial votes. Throw some red meat to the base without risking any votes that could actually put them on the record or stop Obama from accomplishing everything he wants to accomplish. Pull any controversial votes that look like they might pass. Let Obama take the blame for a bunch of stuff that they frankly want to happen anyway.

All this having been accomplished, they will then come back to us in 2016, shrug their shoulders, put on their best “aw, shucks” grin and say, “Well, not a lot we could have done with that crazy Obama in the White House, now give us some more money and send us some more Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) back to Congress!”

Filed under

» Blocking Obama’s Agenda Created 1.8 Million Jobs in 2014

A new study finds that 60% of the jobs gained last year were due to the fact that Republicans managed to block one of President Obama’s key “middle class economics” policies in Congress.

Now Obama is running around talking about how 2014 was “a breakthrough year for America” and how the economy is “creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999.” But the only reason he can make such claims is because he failed to get what he wanted.
It’s enough to make you wonder how much more growth we’d enjoy if other parts of Obama’s “middle class economics” were jettisoned.

» ‘We Only Whisper It’

Justice Ginsburg sings another verse of “Kill the Poor.”

There are two ways to account for humans beings: as assets, or as liabilities. For those who see the world the way Justice Ginsburg does — which is also the way Barack Obama does, along with most of his party — human beings are a liability.
That is why they fundamentally misunderstand challenges such as employment; if you see people as a liability, then you see labor in terms of “creating jobs,” i.e. neutralizing that liability with a check every two weeks. It does not matter whether that labor produces anything valuable; if the liability is being met with a sufficient paycheck, problem solved. It should go without saying that Barack Obama et al. do not see themselves as liabilities. They see themselves as assets, which is how left-wing activists and Democratic functionaries justify their own enormous paychecks.

And they don’t see their own children as liabilities, either — just your kids, loser.

» President Barack Obama’s Complete List of Historic Firsts
» Timeline of Key Events Surrounding IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
» Intel Sponsors Anti-Troop, Anti-Israel Radicals
» IRS Hires Same Firm that Botched the Obamacare Rollout
» Back in 1960, nobody panicked when this kid held a toy gun during JFK’s speech
» “ONE OF THE LARGEST STORMS IN HISTORY”: 24 Inches of Global Warming Set to Slam NYC


» The EPA’s Newest Strategy to Sneakily Restrict Fracking, Drilling

… almost all of the major air pollutants have declined markedly over the last several decades, so environmental groups need to invent new scare tactics to fill up their coffers.
… Big Green is running out of things to complain about.

The hidden agenda here is to restrict shale oil and gas drilling, and fracking.

The shale oil and gas revolution imperils the renewable energy industry.

» Greenpeace Moonbat Calls for Beheadings

Calling for the death of “deniers” who won’t drink their Kool-Aid is standard practice among Al Gore’s disciples

A repressive and pernicious ideology based on lies will always fall back on coercion and violence. That as much as hatred of Western Civilization may be the strongest bond between Muslims and moonbats.

» Too Often Politics Will Produce The Insane

If not a single policeman killed a single black individual anywhere in the U.S. for this entire year, that would not reduce the number of black homicide victims by 1%. When the mobs of protesters declare “Black lives matter,” does that mean ALL black lives matter — or only the less than 1% of black lives lost in conflicts with police?

When someone tries to lay a guilt trip on you for being successful, remember that your guilt is some politician’s license to take what you worked for and give it to someone else who is more likely to vote for the politician who plays Santa Claus with your money.

Some people see discrimination when schools punish black students more often than white students. But schools punish white students more often than Asian students. Lenders turn down black applicants for loans more often than white applicants — but they turn down whites more often than Asians. Most statistics on such things omit Asians, rather than spoil a politically correct story.

diplomatic recognition of Cuba demonstrates how safe it is to be our enemy, while our policies toward Ukraine and Israel demonstrate how risky it is to be our ally

» Fidel Castro: Leftwing Monster

The New York Times had been singing Castro’s praises since the first interview with him as a rebel in February 1957. By now most of the international press had joined the cheerleading. Jack Paar never treated a guest on his Tonight Show as deferentially as he treated honored guest Fidel Castro. Ed Sullivan hailed Castro as “Cuba’s George Washington.” Retired president Harry Truman called Castro a “good young man trying to do what’s best for Cuba. We should extend him a hand.” The U.S. actually accorded diplomatic recognition to Castro’s government more quickly than it had recognized Batista’s in 1952. In fact, the promptness of this U.S. recognition set a record for recognition of a Latin American government. Usually the process took weeks; for Castro, it took mere days.

Yet within three months of his entry into Havana, Castro’s firing squads had murdered an estimated 600-1,100 men and boys, and Cuba’s jails held ten times the number of political prisoners as under Fulgencio Batista, who Castro overthrew with claims to “liberating” Cuba.

» Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Looking Into 2008 Meltdown Exposed as Sham

how the phony $10 million probe came up with the predetermined verdict that free enterprise caused the collapse, which in reality was the result of the federal government inflicting Affirmative Action on the mortgage industry.

» Top Communist Admits: Communist Party ‘Utilizes’ the Democratic Party – a Lesson for Constitutionalists

The Communist Party often upsets less mature Marxist groups because of their refusal to abandon the Democratic Party, despite not always getting every item on their agenda immediately.

As an experienced Communist, John Bachtell understands that in spite of difficulties and disappointments, the Communist Party agenda is far better served by infiltrating the Democrats than by marching in the streets yelling revolutionary slogans.

The Communist Party and their only marginally less radical Democratic Socialists of America allies can point to real achievements under their “friend” Barack Obama.